Tasha (stars2811) wrote in bandphotography,

I haven't posted in a really long time, so here are a few semi-recent shots:

Treaty of Paris @ The Metro
Treaty of Paris @ The Metro

Treaty of Paris @ The Metro

Visit my blog for a ton more photos, as well as a write-up on each show, and detailed shooting notes!

(I also have a Flickr)

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Those are both really nice. I love the hands one - those two on the right make the picture, esp. the one with the red shirt.

Question about the first, how low are you crouching under / in front of him? I've taken shots with the 17mm end of a 17-55 and a 20mm prime as well and for some reason can never get this kind of perspective. Not sure if I'm too far away or just not angling it right.
Thanks for the feedback!

For the first one, I think I might have been leaning back slightly, but I definitely wasn't crouching. Do you shoot with a full-frame? This was with a 16-35 on a 5D, and the 16mm end makes it easy (sometimes too easy, when I'm not going for that effect) to distort objects. Shooting up or down a line or person does increase the distortion though - so maybe try that next time.
No, I'm not on full-frame - am using a Nikon D300, but the 17-55 *is* a DX lens, not a FF on a DX sensor. I'll try shooting more up/down the line next time. I think also I am just not getting close enough at the right exact moment.

Have been on the waiting list for a Tokina 11-16mm forever and I think that would work great but apparently they only make about 2 a year. /sarcasm
Did u use your flash in your pics? I went to ur flickr esp this picture (http://www.flickr.com/photos/redwallphotography/2981698922/) it looks as if u used the flash. Anyways superb pictures. I'm adding u on flickr(:
These and all of the ones on my flickr are just ambient light. The one you linked to just had white light coming from the other direction for the slight rimlighting. I've never been able to get flash to look how I want it to in concert settings, so I mostly just stick to the lighting in the venue.

And thanks!