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Nine Inch Nails @ Worcester

I shot Nine Inch Nails at the 9 Nov show in Worcester, MA. I did final processing on a lot of them in B&W because during the three songs, there was an incredible amount of smoke and everything was whited out for most of the allotted time. I could barely see the two guys in the back (Alessandro Cortini and Josh Freese). I didn't get one decent shot of either of them. So the smoke gave me problems and then, the horror of all photographers, my second body with a wide-angle lens on it decided to not work the second I got into the pit. It worked backstage--I had tested it several times--and once out front it would not fire. THANK GOD it was my backup body, not my main one. We also were told to bring absolutely nothing from backstage that we couldn't carry on our person, so changing lenses was difficult as my bag is not a wearable one. I had to stuff one lens down my pants to have a place to put it. So anyway, because of the smoke and because the colors in the background were not overly awesome for me for most of those particular songs, I figured I'd convert some to B&W and go for drama that way rather than through color-pop.

Here is one B&W, which I thought was kind of a meh picture, but it seems to be very popular based on Flickr views and comments elsewhere. Probably because it's the one shot where Trent Reznor was looking right into the camera. A color shot is under the cut (warning, it's big), full set in progress including P&S shots from Manchester and Atlantic City is here.

Sorry I can never get these fucking cuts to work.  Am trying again, so sorry.

NIN | Head Down | Trent Reznor

NIN | March Of The Pigs | Trent Reznor

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I think the black and white was a great choice. I can see why it's popular!


November 20 2008, 17:06:46 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  November 20 2008, 17:11:29 UTC

Thanks, I guess it takes an outside person to give a more-objective opinion! We're our own worst critics, right?

oh, man! I just saw them tonight (last night? hell. Columbia, MO. lol), but I never could get anyone who I THOUGHT handled NIN to email me back to shoot the show. There were two photographers there... pretty sure they had plenty of space for me. grrr. So, all I have are craptacular point and shoot pics. boo. I am SO spoiled!
oh that's too bad! who did you contact? you would have needed to go through their PR firm. man only two photogs would have been great. we had 7 or 8 and it was a tad crowded. I wish I could shoot another one but that's probably not gonna happen.
I tried laura at umusic (back in september) and steve at NLM (a week before)... totally weird that no one got back to me at all, not even to say no.

plus, what i thought was weird was that it wasn't the firs tthree songs... it was like 2 random songs in the middle of the set. was that true for you, too?
NLM is the right place although Steve himself doesn't work on the photo pass part of their account. Funny he didn't answer you; he's usually pretty good about it. I know they were really, really busy at that time in September. That still sucks though. I would just try again if I were you. I wish I could get another but there's pretty low chance of that.

I don't think they've done the first three on any show yet in the tour. It's usually 3-4-5 or 4-5-6. Maybe even later sometimes. I think I know one photographer who said they got FIVE songs. Lucky bastard. I had 3-4-5, which was 1,000,000, MOTP, and Discipline.
well, in september it was two people at umusic that i contacted (my ludo contact and the girl who i thought was responsible for NIN).... NLM was a week before the show. :( i guess i will just try again the NEXT time they're near me. god, it was pretty great to have my first experience in the pit, though! (no, i have never seen NIN before)

that's weird.... why do they do those songs? is it bcause the first couple are shorter songs or something? i can't even remember now! but i guess 1,000,000, MOTP, and discipline gives you a good variety. maybe that's what they wanted?
I'm an idiot. it was discipline, motp, and head down.

I don't know that other co you mentioned as far as I know nlm is the only place who does the passes. thats what rebel waltz tells people also not positive though.
oh, umusic has done their press in a really recent pass. universal? i don't know, but they did press with ghosts, so i tried them, but no one even said "sorry, i don't handle them!" how freaking weird.