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The Pogues | 2009 East Coast tour

I was lucky to be able to shoot four shows for The Pogues (Atlanta, DC, and twice in Boston) over the past couple of weeks. Here are a few of my favorites; you can see more on my music site and Flickr.

This was the first time I'd shot at any of the three venues. Of the three I liked the 9:30 Club in Washington the best--nice low stage, pretty decent lighting, fairly wide pit. The Tabernacle in Atlanta had a nice pit but the stage was incredibly high; very difficult to see over (and I'm about 5'9" in my boots). The new House of Blues in Boston was pretty nice to shoot from and a *great* place to watch. There is not a bad seat or blocked sightline anywhere in the whole venue.

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The Pogues

Shane MacGowan

James Fearnley

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