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More Nine Inch Nails

Yes this is another Nine Inch Nails post. I unexpectedly got another photo pass for them for the 28 Nov show in Rapid City and so I was able to shoot a second night. There was much less smoke this time and I think overall I got a larger percentage of keepers. I did have the same problem with my second body that I did in Worcester: it worked fine backstage and did not work in the pit. Someone told me later that maybe the strobes they use affect the camera sensor somehow? It took two pictures and then wouldn't work anymore. I had thought perhaps the card/battery/lens that I used on that body in Worcester were faulty so I changed them all and still had the same problem in Rapid City. Pretty bummed about that. But I did get to use my new Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 for the first time, plus my 70-200mm f2.8 so without all the excess of smoke I was *finally* able to get some decent shots of Alessandro (keyboards) and Josh (drums), who are a lot farther back on the stage.  

I've only put up three so far but they'll be on my Flickr, my regular Web site, and the galleries as I get them processed.

So here's the first one I did of Trent Reznor, which I like, but I really wish we could shoot a few songs with slightly more interesting lighting. We also got the same three songs for this show that I had shot in Worcester, but what am I gonna do, complain? Second NIN photo pass in one tour! Best Thanksgiving weekend ever.

So here's the picture. More later.

NIN | March Of The Pigs | Trent Reznor
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stop! you're makin me sad that i didn't get a pass to my one show. damn steve lol
Sorry! It was definitely a lucky break for me.

Are there no other ones you can request a pass for? They have a few more shows before the current leg ends. I suppose you'd have to travel though, which might not be possible.

There's always next year. I think they're going to do something over the summer. Maybe you could get one for then. Crossing my fingers for you!
It is completely not possible to travel... one being that I have no vacation time and can't really afford to take off work... and two being that I don't want to go alone (and my buddy can't come to another)... and three there's like zero days coming up that are free enough for people to request off (only 3 people allowed to request off a day... damn working in a daycare!). i am hoping that on his next tour i can get through to steve and do a show or two. *sigh*